Posted by Catherine Dhanjal

Extract of press release from BOP

BOP Training ( http://www.boptraining.co.uk ), a communication skills training company, is using techniques founded in the world of theatre to create stellar presenters who can put on a ‘good show’ to help boost business during the downturn. And now the invaluable ‘stage survival’ techniques are available online for anyone who needs to deliver a presentation, thanks to the launch of a series of e-videos from BOP.

BOP Training, which operates nationwide and worldwide from its Virginia Water base, is unusual in successfully cross-fertilising the communication skills of theatre, gained at the very highest level of performance, into the business environment. The idea is to help individuals increase their personal impact but employers also benefit from staff developing their presentation skills, while group training boosts team spirit. After all, an effective and well-delivered presentation can be instrumental in winning new business and impressing existing clients.

Visitors to Boptraining.co.uk will be offered a five day, free e-video course – comprising five videos of two minutes duration – and can then subscribe to the series of eight full videos, costing #249.00, but with a special offer of just #99.00 until the end of December 2009.

Site: http://www.boptraining.co.uk


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