MmIT Group annual conference on mobile learning Sept 09 – Martin Bazley’s presentation

Cilip’s Multimedia, Information and Technology Group’s 2009 annual conference, took place in the ‘state of the art’ Lakeside Conference Centre at Aston University.

 As library and information professionals, we are continually being asked to support ‘mobile learning’. But what exactly does that mean? Who are these mobile learners? What do they do? What do they need us to do?

 The conference investigated the current issues and developments surrounding mobile learning within education and library environments.

 Some of the very best speakers on this topic presented at the conference, so the day provided plenty of stimulating discussion and debate and was the perfect staff development conference for anyone involved or interested in supporting mobile learning.

Martin Bazley, Online Experience Consultant
Martin has more than 10 years experience of developing, evaluating and project managing online learning resources and other digital technology and works with a range of cultural institutions and web developers. In his role as eLearning Officer for SEMLAC (South East Museum, Library and Archive Council) Martin undertook a number of projects, including the Victorian Learning Journey ( – an innovative project for schools, involving live ‘meet the historical character’ face-to-face sessions, videoconferencing, interactive talkboards and short video clips


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