Multimedia Information and Techology: journal news 17 February 2010

1. Free event for software developers

2. Wiley Blackwell offers free video tutorials

3. Marshall Breeding’s 2009 survey of library automation

4. New BUFVC courses: digital video

5. Digital media training company hosts open evening

6. E-Books and E-Content 2010

1. Free event for software developers – 24th to 27th February

Dev8D 2010 is a FREE event for software developers working in education and research. The event will be an opportunity for developers to learn and practice new skills, hear about development happening throughout the country and participate in hands on workshops. The event lasts 4 days but each day will stand on its own, so you don’t have to sign up for the whole event.

The event programme has now been released and more details are available, here:

There are links to each session from this page and also more detailed information about the event can be found at:

2. Wiley Blackwell offers free video tutorials

Self-paced online tutorials are available in 10 languages and cover key products such as: Blackwell Reference Online, Health Economic Evaluations Database, Journals from Wiley-Blackwell. For more information, visit:

3. Marshall Breeding – 2009 survey on library automation

Marshall Breeding, of Library Technology Guides, has published Perceptions 2009: an international survey of library automation. Although focused on the US, 80 respondents were from the UK.

Marshall says: “Libraries make significant investments in technology in order to automate their libraries and deliver information resources and services through their websites. The integrated library system (ILS) for most libraries represents the most critical component of its technology infrastructure and can do the most to help or hinder a library in fulfilling its mission to serve its patrons and in operating efficiently. As libraries consider their automation strategies, such as moving to a new ILS, it’s helpful to have as much data as possible to make an informed decision.”

4. New BUFVC courses: digital video

Encoding Digital Video for Streaming and Network Delivery

Presenters: Greg Newton-Ingham and Murray Weston Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st March 2010 10.30 am – 5.00 pm

Day One: Introductory Course, 30th March 2010 Offers an introduction to digitising moving images for online delivery and tackles problems, which may be encountered in the process.

Day Two: Advanced Course, 31st March 2010 Designed to follow on from the introductory course, this course offers greater technical insight into the challenges involved with digitising moving images for online delivery, addressing considerations such as system software, compression and server technology.

Although this is offered as a one-day course, it is recommended that participants should have previously attended the introductory level course or will already have experience of delivering time-based media via the web.

Courses can be booked separately.


5. Digital media training company hosts open evening

Sounddelivery, digital media training experts, hosts open evening at its new premises in London: Friday March 26th at Cityside House, Alder Street E1 1EE.

6. E-Books and E-Content 2010: University College London, 11 May 2010

This year’s econtent meeting will consider the emerging and fundamental role of data as content. Once confined to analysts and researchers, raw data in the form of databases, databanks, images and spreadsheets has become easier to store, easier to make accessible and even to publish. This in turn has led to expectations from users as to its availability and prompted the need for a range of tools and techniques to deal with the burgeoning demand. Key issues are: how can such content be managed to ensure its longevity through digital curation and systematic preservation; the need for new standards to enable links with traditional formats and the narrower world of regular scholarly publishing; metadata and taxonomy – how we describe datasets and make them accessible and searchable; and perhaps of most concern, issues of validity and accuracy.

Expert speakers will Dr Michael Jubb of the Research Information Network; Helle Lauridsen of Proquest; Matt Day of; Dr Jan Brase of the German Technical Library and recently appointed Manager of Datacite (; Dr Simon Hodson, the Programme Manager for Managing Research Data at JISC.

Registration fee: £110 per delegate

For further information, please email


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