A request for help – student work placement

Abigail Crook is a student seeking help with finding a work placement position. Please get in touch if you can assist. Details below.

I am currently studying for a degree in Library and Information Studies at Aberystwyth University and am looking for a suitable work environment for my work placement module next semester. I would like to enquire as to any opportunities that might be available for me within public libraries across the country. The work placement is informally scheduled to take place sometime between the 7th June and the 3rd of July.

I am from Blaenau Gwent but live in Aberystwyth. I would love the opportunity to see how the library services in different areas of the country operate and how their societies affect service provisions. I have considerable experience in a variety of library environments: I have worked for Merthyr Tydfil Library Service and am employed at Aberystwyth Public Library, so I have practical experience of public library work. I have volunteered and been employed at the University’s libraries in Aberystwyth, giving me experience of more formal, academic institutions. I also speak Welsh.

If you would like some additional details about the work placement, they are available here: http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/modules/deptcurrent/?m=IL30720. If you would like any more information about me I would be more than happy to answer your questions.

I would appreciate any information about what you could offer. I look forward to hearing from you.

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