PTFS has now acquired Liblime. This time for sure.

While I’m loathe to post yet another update about a PTFS/Liblime merger, it seems the deal has now gone through. Past tense.  The press release reads much like the previous one (though significant differences have been noted elsewhere).

There have also already been some slightly raised eyebrows about a particular pledge of PTFS’s “to enhance and maintain the site as the focal point for the world’ s Koha activities”. Following disputes of ownership and control of this domain in the past, has now been established as the website for the Koha community.

While having an agreed, single web presence for Koha may take a back seat to other complexities of the Liblime acquisition for now, it would  be great to eventually see the realignment of Koha assets and acknowledgement of the role of the community. But, having said that, I’m  quite keen to see what comes of this new(ish) acquisition.


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