Multimedia Information and Techology: journal news 31 March 2010

 Multimedia Information and Techology: journal news

31 March 2010

Danish Libraries Launch New Repository of Knowledge;

Content Architecture – exploiting and managing diverse resources – talks from ISKO;

Online censorship explored by Sage;

Microsoft to release emergency out-of-band IE patch ;

Film Restoration Summer School

1. Danish Libraries Launch New Repository of Knowledge

Cooperation between Denmark’s Aarhus Public Libraries, Copenhagen Libraries and DBC A/S (Danish Bibliographic Centre) has developed a website in Open Source with search facility based on a data repository. The libraries are among the very first public institutions to carry into effect a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in their IT-structure.

 The new sites: Aarhus Public Libraries www.aakb.dkand Copenhagen Libraries are crammed with Web 2.0 functionality. Danish library users have been given access to a more effective search option for both physical and digital resources and at the same time they will be able to blog, comment on other people’s contributions, and draw on RSS-feeds. In the long term users will also be able to design their very own library profile.

2. Content Architecture – exploiting and managing diverse resources – talks from ISKO

Recordings of a selection of talks from the ISKO UK Conference “Content Architecture: Exploiting and Managing Diverse Resources” 23-24 June 2009 are now available at the conference proceedings webpage

 Abstracts, presentation files and papers are all available on the same webpage.

 MP3 files on presentations cover topics such as:

 * Keynote David Crystal: Semantic targeting: past, present and future

* Keynote Clifford Lynch: e-Research and new challenges in knowledge structuring

 * Organising music for movies

* Still digital images – the hardest things to classify and find

* Giving meaning to content through ontology based image retrieval

* Shoebox stories – online history in East London

* Building coherence at

* An evaluation of enhancing social tagging with a knowledge organization system

3. Online censorship explored by Sage


 In the new issue of Index on Censorship, ‘Brave New Words’, leading internet experts Ron Deibert and Rafal Rohozinski call for a new approach to tackling censorship online.

 As cyberspace has become the arena for political activism, governments are growing more sophisticated in controlling free expression online – from surveillance to filtering. And it’s now becoming harder than ever for human rights activists to outwit the authorities. In their article ‘Cyber wars’, Deibert and Rohozinski call for a ‘paradigm shift’ and ‘new techniques’ to confront the new challenges to free speech. They predict that censorship and surveillance will fall increasingly into the hands of private companies and warn that governments are now openly considering using computer network attacks as part of standard military doctrine.

 The new issue of Index on Censorship, now published by SAGE, ‘Brave New Words: is technology the savior of free speech?’ examines how technology has transformed the business of censorship at the same time as revolutionizing freedom of expression. Rebecca MacKinnon talks to Google about the fallout from China; Gus Hosein calls on governments to take privacy more seriously; and Wen Yunchao reveals the art of censorship in China.

 “Cyber wars” by Ron Deibert & Rafal Rohozinski was published on March 24, 2010 in “Brave New Words” – the latest issue of Index on Censorship (Vol.29 No.1 2010). A free copy of the article will be available for a limited period from

 4. Microsoft to release emergency out-of-band IE patch

 From SOPHOS e-news 29 March

 Microsoft to release emergency out-of-band IE patch
Are you still using Internet Explorer 6 or Internet  Explorer 7?  If so, listen up.  Microsoft is about to release an emergency  patch to protect users against a zero day vulnerability that is being actively  exploited by hackers.  Learn more and  make sure that you are properly protected.   

  5. Film Restoration Summer School

 Film Restoration/FIAF Summer School 2010, 

 Theory lessons on Film Restoration: distance learning, May 18th to June 22nd (each Tuesday)

Introduction and attendance to Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival: Bologna, June 26h to July 3rd

Restoration practice: Bologna, July 5th to July 16th


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