Seeking your views about CILIP’s MMIT Group

 We are seeking the views of members of  CILIP’s Multimedia and Information Technology (MMIT) Group.

 It is our wish to gather feedback from the members of the MMIT Group to help to ensure that our services continue to meet your needs. To this end, we would greatly appreciate your completing a survey which should take about 10 minutes. ***Respondents will be invited to enter into a draw for a first prize of one £150 voucher (Amazon or; two second prizes of £50 vouchers (Amazon or; and five third prizes of a 12-month subscription to the print version of MmIT Journal. *** (Prizes sponsored by MmIT journal).
The survey will be open until 23 June 2010.  Please follow this link to the survey:- 

Thank you in anticipation!

Catherine Dhanjal, Managing Editor, MmIT journal


Geoff Butters, MMIT Group Committee member and

CERLIM (Centre for Research in Library & Information Management), Manchester Metropolitan University


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