JISC Digital Media guides: online image and audio editing

JISC Digital Media have just produced a guide to free online tools for editing audio. This is the latest addition to their extensive collection of digital media advice documents. The great things about these guides is that they focus on free resources, test each application extensively and provide a handy comparison chart. The even better thing is that they also cover terms of use/privacy statements, which is an often-overlooked but incredibly important consideration when using cloud services.

As well as audio editing guide, there is an exhaustive guide to image editors, a guide to finding reusable media online and a guide to copyright and digital images. This is just a few of the *many* advice documents available but you can browse the collection by media type.

This has been quite a big year in the world of online image editors, with Google’s purchase of Picnik and the Aviary suite becoming a free service. Cloud-based image editors have fast become viable alternatives to PhotoShop and other professional (read: expensive) image editing packages . With the onset of multimedia tweeting, it will be interesting to see if audio and video editing tools keep pace.


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