Multimedia Information & Technology vol 36 no 4 is now available

MmIT journal Nov 2010

Our special focus is on academic libraries with features on bringing history to life through eBooks; archaeological resource online; MMIT Group’s seminar on social networking; libraries and the virtual learning environment (VLE); Moodle open source VLE.

The general features explore Web 2.0 and local studies; Museum of London’s new online finance resources; interactive photo albums at the Museum of Wales; and blogging in public libraries.

Kate Lomax’s ‘Best of the Blog’ focuses on open source LMS, Twitter archives and start pages.

Our reviews and news sections include digital camera tips; metadata; virtual libraries; and BFI news.

Comments or contributions are welcomed. Please contact the Managing Editor, Catherine Dhanjal with article or news suggestions, or images of multimedia in use.

The journal is available to members from the CILIP MMIT group website.

If you have any problems logging-in, please contact Catherine. Tel: +44 (0)1883 650434


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