Technology and the librarian skillset – from the journals

A few publications [1] have recently tackled the hot topic of the changing librarian skillset (and you can see our previous discussion on this subject here).

In Computers in Libraries , Loretta Gharst argues that rather than usurping the role of the librarian, technology “exponentially increased the librarian’s ability to provide library services” including technical, circulation and reference services.

Meanwhile in Online, Walt Crawford looks at the pressure on library and information professionals to keep up with all manner of gadget and new technology (the TechMusts!) and whether this is sustainable or even necessary. TechNos and TechMusts discusses the proliferation of blog posts providing extensive computing competencies lists and challenges this approach.

The latest issue of Library Management (a special issue from the ALSR 2010 conference) has various articles exploring the shift in the role of the academic librarian. Unfortunately this is not currently available online due to a 1 year embargo but you can view the presentations from the conference held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

1. These are available via the CILIP subscription to Proquest Library Science.



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