eLectures and eReadings anytime anywhere…. Australian article from Feb issues of MmIT

Katrina Valese is the Manager, Document Services James Cook University Library in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.  She contributed an article to the February issue of the journal which focused no the eLecture and eReadings project to allow students with electronic course readings with easy and legal connections to the learning and information resources and services which are appropriate to fulfil their learning, teaching and research needs.

Katrina holds an MBA, Graduate Diploma in Library Science, Bachelor of Economics (Hons) and a Bachelor of Arts.  She has worked at JCU Library since 1978 in various positions including Serials Assistant, Inter-Library Loans Officer, Off Campus Librarian, and Information Services Librarian as well as acting in the position of University Librarian.  In her present position Katrina is responsible for the management of circulation, collection maintenance and shelving, CopyPrint services, Off Campus Library Services, Inter Library loans and Reserve Online.  Her special interest within the Library are Reserve Online, member of the Library management committee, the JCU representative on the QULOC Lending and Document Delivery Group and a member of the Library’s Collection Maintenance committee.  In this role Katrina is actively seeking new ideas of providing library services to clients in the virtual environment.

Katrina sent us this message on 11th February 2011:

We have just survived a very violent cyclone over a week ago.  The campus grounds are devastated and the damage in communities further north at Cardwell and Tully is just unbelievable. There was no loss of life as a direct result of the cyclone which was a miracle.  The cyclone was a category 5 and the winds blew in Townsville for nearly 24 hours.   I expect you have seen some of the devastation on the television.  I have seen very little as we were without electricity for over 5 days and some areas of Townsville are still out.    It was so frightening and scary I have never experienced such a vicious cyclone in my entire life.  I am born and bred in North Queensland.

In some areas of town it looks like a war zone at least the storm surge was not as bad as was first expected.  We were expecting a storm surge of about 7 metres at our beach house so we madly raced up and took our belongings from the ground floor to the top floor.  Fortunately we had no water inside and only palm trees falling over.   Enough complaining!!  It could have been worse for us.


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