Library news: a place to discuss the latest from the library world

Library news is a relatively new website based on the popular technology site, Hacker News (and using the same Open Source software; it’s like Hacker News but blue). It’s a place that you can post and discuss news stories, blogs and other websites of interest to the library world.

Library News was developed by the Harvard Library Innovation Laboratory. Like Hacker News (and RedditDigg etc), there’s an element of gamification. You can vote for the submitted stories or comments that you find interesting and others can vote for your submissions and comments. Popular stories float to the top and upvotes for your contributions will give you more karma points.

It’s early days yet in terms of discussion on the site but there’s a steady flow of submissions and it would be great to see this turn into a lively library community – don’t be afraid to comment as well as post.

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