#MMIT2012 presentation – Paradigm shift: A slate of new automation platforms address current and future library realities

The slides from Marshall Breeding’s MMIT 2012 conference presentation, Paradigm Shift: A Slate of New Automation Platforms address Current and Future Library Realities (ppt),  are now available.

Marshall Breeding is the Director for Innovative Technology and Research @ Vanderbilt University and Editor of Library Technology Guides.

by Deleket | Orb icons

The operations of libraries focus on ever increasing proportions of electronic and digital content relative to print materials.  The structure of the legacy library management systems that dominated the last three or more decades of library automation was rooted in print, though some products have evolved better than others to accommodate modern content formats. The established worldview that libraries can rely on one set of automation tools for print and another set for managing digital collections and electronic subscriptions is in danger of collapse in favour of library services platforms that aim toward a more unified approach to resource management.  The economic realities that libraries face today demand that they operate in the most efficient ways possible, with workflows that accommodate current needs and not built around assumptions of a past print-centric age.  Breeding will provide an overview of the new library automation products now emerging and how they differ amongst themselves and from traditional library management systems.   He will also provide information on the development progress of each of these new products and trends relative to their adoption in libraries and forecast their longer term impact on the library automation industry.


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