What can you learn from like, follow and share?

Social bookmarks and social sharing plugins quickly emerged as a standard feature across the web. Attached to the end of blog posts, news articles and appearing in email signatures. In fact don’t look now but if you look to your right you will see that familiar blue bird next to a @multimediaIT follow icon!

But what value can we gain from the likes, + 1 and followers we receive? How often do people click our social plugins? Should we be finding ways to encourage more activity on our social bookmarks or is it a waste of time?

We want to know our audience and what it is they want to read so that we can gauge our readership and target our material. Looking at metrics on our social plugins can show us this and help us find out not only what people are reading but what they are sharing and who that subsequently draws in.

The SocialShare report written in January this year found that “about half of the top 10,000 websites have a link to their Facebook pages from their home page, 40% link to their Twitter pages and when it comes to like buttons, Google+ is now second place to Facebook.” In response to this they found that the popularity of these social plugins is on the rise and the increased presence of Google+ on websites has resulted in a rise in popularity, in fact “the stats show that Google’s +1 is more widely used than Twitter’s share button”!

But let’s conduct our own experiment…Are you using social plugins? How big is your community? Who are you reaching? What do your readers ‘like’? What do they share? Why?

Comment below and tell us your thoughts on the value gained from social sharing.


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