Based in Scotland? Please join us for our conference!

Our Scottish counterparts, MmITS, have a generous bursary of up to £600 on offer. The theme of our annual conference, ‘Sound and Vision in Librarianship: Going Beyond Words and Pictures’, is directly related to the bursary theme of “technology within the Library and Information sector”, as it addresses the implications and practices of producing, managing and curating audio and video materials in the digital age.

Delegates will engage in a series of workshops and seminars on sound and vision themes and the conference will also showcase current research and innovations in these areas through lightning sessions and presentations from researching practitioners.

This bursary will sponsor one individual to attend a course, training or conference of their choice in 2014, relating to the themes of technology within the Library and Information Sector (up to £600 only).

To be eligible for a MmITS bursary you must:

  •  Be based in Scotland
  •  Be working within the Library and Information Sector for between 5-20 years
  •  Must use, or want to use, technology within your role
  •  Must not have received any MmITS funding in the past 3 years

The application form is now live online. You don’t need to be a member of MmITS to apply for the bursary, but why not take this opportunity to join? The deadline is 29 August, so send in your application today.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sheffield.

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