MMIT AGM, 6th January 2015: Chairman’s Speech & Welcome from Leo Appleton

Welcome to the event –

Leo Appleton giving the chair's address at the MMIT AGM 2015
Leo Appleton giving the chair’s address at the MMIT AGM 2015


MmIT is one of Cilip’s largest Special Interest Groups and enjoys a very healthy membership across all library sectors.

The role of MmIT raising awareness and providing advice and guidance to members on all things to do with library technology and digital and electronic information resources management.

Welcome to this afternoon’s AGM event – ‘Reverberations – social media, Impact and Altmetrics within libraries and research.’

We look to our AGM to set the theme for the year, and we hope to use today to start our thinking about content for our 2015 conference later in the year.

Recently our conferences we have covered themes such as the Cloud, Value for money with technology and most recently Sound and vision librarianship. All have been hugely successful and have allowed us to achieve our mission and objectives.

Upon canvassing our members and our delegates we found that a topic that they would like us to revisit to future events is social media, hence the theme of today’s talks. Time has moved on since the early days of libraries dipping their toe in the water with Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, staff development programmes such as 23 things. I imagine many libraries now at least use social media for marketing and promotion purposes, but there is a wealth of other creative and alternative practice open to us, and we thought that we should start to explore that.

We therefore have a series of talks which will allow us to do this…

Sierra Williams of the LSE speaks at the MMIT AGM event 2015
Sierra Williams of the LSE speaks at the MMIT AGM event 2015


Sierra Williams – works for LSE, Managing editor of the LSEImpact Blog. Her interests lie in open access, HE research impact and she will no doubt tell us a bit more about her role as she presents to us on ‘digital tools and technologies assisting researchers reach a wider audience’



Lauren Smith, a prolific PhD researcher at the dept of computer and information science at the University of Strathclyde. Her research is on the role that libraries play in supporting young people in developing political agency and participation in society.

Lauren Smith speaks at the MMIT AGM event 2015
Lauren Smith speaks at the MMIT AGM event 2015

As well as this she is the founder of the ‘Voices for the Library’ campaign which is proving very effective in lobbying government and politicians and raising awareness of the current demise of public library services through local government cutbacks throughout the UK. her presentation today brings all her roles together as she talks about using social media as a researcher, student, librarian and activist.





Andy Tattersall speaks at the MMIT AGM event 2015
Andy Tattersall speaks at the MMIT AGM event 2015

Our own Andy Tattersall, Information Specialist at School of Health and Related Research at DSheffield, and also secretary to MmIT. His talk, entitled the academic Social Club as he talks about Altmetrics and how libraries play a role in this new impact measurement environment.



AGM Report

We have had an excellent year, one of our best. I would like to thank the committee for all they have done. As I said earlier we are one of Cilip’s largest SIGs, but potentially have one of the smallest committees. We are currently six strong, having lost two colleagues during the year. We will be reappointing the six committee members as part of this AGM, but we are always on the lookout for new members and would welcome any support from you our group members and supporters.

I would like to extend my thanks to our outgoing committee members, both of whom are taking some (temporary) time out from committee activity:  Jen Smith is now on a year’s maternity leave and Lizzie Atkinson, who has worked incredibly hard for the committee is taking some time away. Both have been responsible for our webpages, Blog and marketing and publicity, and unless these roles are filled, we will not be able to be as proactive as we would like in this area.

That said we have exciting plans for 2015 and have had a very successful 2014. A review of the business plan for 2014 shows that we have fulfilled most of our objectives, held a successful conference and the journal and Blog, despite human resource shortages have continued to thrive.

Our e-only journal Multimedia, Information and Technology, managed and edited by Catherine Dhanjal, continues to be an first class, professional journal, enjoyed and appreciated by all our members and indeed many more people with a professional interest in library technology.

We held our first residential conference in 2014,  which whilst not a huge financial success (although it did make a small profit) was definitely a success with regard to content and engagement, and in helping us to achieve our awareness raising goals and to generate lots of healthy discussion. We also hope that today’s AGM presentations mark the end of a successful programme for 2014 and the start of an active 2015. As a result of holding a successful residential conference we intend to do the same next year

Plans for 2015 include sponsored events, contributions to conference and indeed holding our second residential conference in September on the current uses and practices of social media in libraries.

We will also seek to hold another AGM seminar at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2016. I hope you will all join us at these, or maybe even look to be co-opted onto our committee to help out and allow us to achieve even more.

However you show your support, I would like to thank you for attending today. I would also like to thank our committee once again and in particular to mention Andy Tattersall our secretary, John Bottomley our treasurer and Catherine, who as usual have done a fantastic job keeping us going throughout the year.

I would like to invite you to join me in what we have come to refer to as ‘Chairman’s cheer’ to see in the new year.



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