MmIT Conference – Meet the Keynotes!

Digital Citizenship: What is the library’s role? 12th – 13th September, Sheffield

It’s not too late to join us at our annual Multimedia, Information and Technology Conference. This year’s theme is all about the role of the library in supporting digital citizenship.

Chris Stokes, Joint Director of Digital Learning, University of Sheffield

“Can MOOCs make a difference? – Driving institutional change and widening participation with digital learning”

Chris will present the University of Sheffield’s experiences from the ‘digital presence’ project, in particular look at how open online learning has been used to support widening participation activity, raising awareness of information and digital literacy skills, and being used a means to innovate and develop new learning methodologies outside of the normal academic calendar.

Madeleine Barrett, Head of Libraries, Heritage and Arts, London Borough of Sutton

“Digital citizen, digital worker: Are we doing enough to support digital citizenship?”

Madeleine will look at what we are doing and ask is there more that we can do? Does government really understand the role of libraries in this field and does the profession do enough to reach government and make a real impact? Is consortium working old hat or the means to achieve all/some of the above?

Kevin Curran, Reader in Computer Science, Ulster University

“Hacking: Childs Play”

This talk will highlight the common means and mechanisms by which cybercriminals commit destruction online. It will demonstrate some of the powerful tools that they use as well explain some of their more sophisticated approaches. It will also provide some practical steps by which you can remain more secure against common attacks and scams.

Helen Milner, CEO & Staff Board Director, Tinder Foundation

Helen will be talking about the role of the Tinder Foundation and its aims to support digitally and socially excluded people to improve their lives through digital.


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