Internet Librarian Conference 2017



The Internet Librarian International 2017  is nearly here. It will take place in London Olympia from Tuesday 17 to Wednesday 18 October.

Looking at the programme, its going to be a fantastic event. The two Keynotes, David White(University of the Arts, UK) and Kate Torney (State Library of Victoria, Australia)  will kick the event off with topical issues: communicating value and the role that libraries can play in providing quality information for its users.

Kate Torney’s Keynote: Making a noise about a quiet revolution celebrates the quiet revolution within libraries and the sector’s embrace of disruption – but suggests the time for modesty is over. How do we find and communicate our value to ensure the success and sustainability of our institutions? How do we lead necessary transformation while staying true to our founding ideals?

 David White‘s Keynote: Expertise in an era of easy answers, discusses the abundance of online information which provides easy answers to easy questions. Unfortunately it can also provide easy answers to complex questions, potentially eroding our ability to interrogate, evaluate and synthesise sources. In this talk, David White will explore the role libraries can play in countering the ‘think-less find-more’ mentality encouraged by the Web and the corresponding mistrust of ‘experts’ . In a time when we can Google our way to almost any answer, access to content has become less important than access to people who understand what that content means and where to head next.

MmIT is proud to support the conference and we look forward to meeting delegates at the event.  Conference speakers include our very own MmIT Committee members Andy Tattersall and Alison McNab.

If you are planning on attending and haven’t got your tickets yet, don’t forget that MmIT members can claim a 25% discount off the full conference price by putting the discount code ( MMIT25) in the Priority Code box on the Registration page.

Follow the hashtag on Twitter to keep up with what your fellow delegates are saying at the conference . Or say hi to @IntLibIntlor us @multimediaIT


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