Spring issue of our journal out now – focus on sound and vision

Editorial by Clare Brown

Listen? Can you hear anything? It’s the sound of the library! The theme of this edition of the MMIT Journal is primarily ‘sound’. The intention was to give our varied contributors a broad brief, with a free rein to explore what is important to them, their organisations, and the wider information sharing environment. The imaginative responses around audio and visual communication have been a revelation and I hope you will as inspired by these pieces as I have been.



This month’s journal can be viewed and downloaded here

Editorial – Clare Brown 1-2

Using Adobe Spark to create short animated information videos– Andy Tattersall 3- 6

Virtual Reality: does it really matter?- Antony Groves 7 – 9

National Aerospace Library Sound Archive – Brian Riddle 10 – 12

Making in libraries: a brief history of the Makercart in UK libraries – Carlos Izsac 13 – 15

A Library is Not Just Books: The Musician, the Engineer, the Librarian – Clare Brown & Remy Maisel 16 – 19

Raspberry Pi Driven Digital Signage – Jon Knight & Jason Cooper 20 – 23

A Sound Space for Reading and Interaction – Madeline Wilson-Ojo 24- 25

Listen: an introduction to the British Library sound archive– Steve Cleary 26 – 27

Broadcasting the library – Shush! Sounds from University College Cork Library – Martin O’Connor & Ronan Madden 28 – 32

Podcasts Empowering Personal and Professional Development – Sarah Braun 33 – 35

24 Hour Inspire – How two information professionals set up a pop-up radio station.– Andy Tattersall & Mark Clowes 36 – 38

Remixing the Library: Revolutions Per Minute with ‘Sounds of the Stax’– Marilyn Clarke & Andrew Gray 39 – 41


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