Don’t miss our AGM & half day seminar, 9th January 2017

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More details to follow, but the Multimedia Information Technology Committee of Cilip warmly invite its group members and anyone working in the library and information community to our 2016 AGM and talks.

Theme: Open!

  • Open libraries
  • Open education
  • Open research
  • Open access
  • Open data

A light lunch will br provided and we’ll have four guest speakers on the topic of Open – education, libraries, research, data and access.

Tickets are limited.

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Internet Librarian International 2016

WebMmIT & ILI (International Librarian International, the Library Innovation Conference), are delighted to announce our further partnership agreement in 2016, benefitting MmIT members by awarding you a 25% discount to attend the full conference this year …

Widely acknowledged as Europe’s premier event for information professionals and libraries, and welcoming delegates from over 30 countries, ILI delivers a truly international perspective on the successes and challenges for every library type. The conference programme is in development and will be announced at the end of June 2016. MmIT members can register their interest in advance meanwhile at:

ILI – The Library Innovation Conference
18 & 19 October 2016, Olympia Conference Centre, London

News from MMIT Group – March

Dear MMIT Group member

Apply for a bursary place to this year’s Cilip Conference in Brighton – by 31st March


Cilip are offering a bursary for a member of MmIT to attend the Cilip Conference 2016 to be held in Brighton 12-13 July, 2016.

The bursary includes a complimentary place on both conference days as well as one night’s accommodation at the IBIS hotel and the drinks reception at Brighton Pier.

The bursary is intended to promote MmIT and Cilip and the winner will be asked to play an active role at the conference through tweeting, assisting at the MmIT stand and writing a report for the MmIT Blog

Interested candidates must be a member of MmIT and are asked to provide the following:

  • Cilip membership number
  • A brief outline of professional experience
  • 500 word rationale of how attending the Cilip conference will benefit their professional development

All applications must be sent to Dia Mexi-Jones by 31st March 2016

MmIT Journal – February issue


The journal is live on the CILIP site:

Please note this is a membership benefit, embargoed to non-members until 12 months after publication.

Contents include:


  • A new bibliotherapy platform
  • MMIT 2016 conference
  • Cambridge (UK) Science Festival 2016 – Artificial intelligence and rise of the machines

BFI News: DVD releases of:

  • Napoleon (1927)
  • Underground


  • Product Review: Sonocent Audio Notetaker V 4
  • DVD Review: How to be Eccentric
  • DVD Review: On Yer Bike


  • Coding on the curriculum
  • Multimedia technology brings Cold War history to life
  • Digitisation of material protected by copyright
  • Privacy and security on the internet
  • Digital divide in the post-Snowden era
  • Ethical challenges of using Twitter as a data source

Marketing insight:

  • Tips for Facebook Pages

TechRound Up:

  • Bulbh, LG 360 VR
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone

Coming soon

MMIT 2016 Conference

The theme for our 2016 conference is “the role of libraries in digital citizenship”.

The two-day residential event will again take place at the excellent conference facilities at The Edge, Sheffield.

Keep your diary clear on 12th-13th September 2016 so you can come and join us!

Our keynote speakers have been confirmed as:

  • Chris Stokes, Joint Director of Digital Learning, University of Sheffield
  • Helen Milner, CEO & Staff Board Director, Tinder Foundation
  • Kevin Curran, Reader in Computer Science and Group Leader for the Ambient Intelligence Research Group, University of Ulster
  • Madeline Barrett, Head of Libraries, Heritage and Arts, London Borough of Sutton.



Keep in touch

Our Blog is at and you can follow on Twitter at We’re also on LinkedIn, why not join our group?
Catherine Dhanjal Tel (+44): 0800 998 7990 or 0794 166 9925 Managing Editor, Multimedia Information and Technology journal

MmIT Journal – November 2015

If you haven’t yet accessed the MmIT Journal November issue, log in

MmIT Journal – November issue

MmITNov15-CoverOnlyIf you haven’t yet accessed the November issue, log in at the Cilip site to access:

or if you’re an institutional subscriber, access via:

If you have any access queries, please contact the journal Managing Editor: or 0794 166 9925

Contents include:


      • MMIT annual general meeting and half day conference in January

BFI News: DVD releases of:

      • The Birth of a Nation
      • Love on the Dole


      • Product review: IRIScan Express 4 Mobile Scanner


      • Setting up a new university library in Kazakhstan
      • Technology developments in libraries
      • Crowdsourcing the library and archive
      • Role of Twitter in data research projects
      • Tinder Foundation – digital inclusion
      • Managing Access to the Internet in Public Libraries
      • Emerging themes in social media
      • MMIT Conference report
      • Measuring the impact of social media marketing in libraries
      • BETT preview
      • Marketing Insights


  • Kangaroo mobile desktop computer, Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter, Amazon Echo, Axis Aerious quadcopter, wearable fitness gadgets

Coming soon

If you’d like to contribute an article, please contact the journal Managing Editor: or 0794 166 9925

Chair’s report – MmIT 2015 AGM

MMIT Group Chair’s Report from Leo Appleton for the 2015 AGM

MmIT 2015 Annual General Meeting, 7th January 2016

Chair’s Report from Leo Appleton

Leo Appleton, MMIT Group chair at the 2015 AGM

Last year I stated that I thought 2014 had been our best year to date (or at least during the ten years I have been active on the committee). Upon reflection I think we have actually enjoyed an even better year during 2015 and I would like to revisit some of the aims and objectives that we set ourselves in our 2015 business plan to illustrate our success this year:

Our core aim has continued to be that of meeting the needs of Cilip members interested in library multimedia, information and technology, providing support for members in continuing professional development and in developing a sense of community amongst members of MmIT. I feel that we have achieved this once again this year through our various outputs and activities and have sustained our leadership and authority on library multimedia, information and technology within the sector and have continued to inform CILIP members of new and emerging themes and developments.

The platforms through which we have been able to achieve this during 2015 include our various events, which have sustained the theme of ‘social media’, established at last year’s AGM and we have enjoyed a very successful residential conference in September which was our showcase CPD event and also helped us to realise our major objective of 2015. The conference continues to grow each year, both in interest, influence and engagement and this was certainly the case for the 2015 conference which was entitled ‘With great power comes great responsibility’.

The conference activities were supplemented with a presentation given by myself and Andy Tattersall at the national Cilip conference in June in which we were representing MmIT and presenting on the current themes surrounding social media in libraries. A synopsis of this presentation has also been written up for the MmIT journal. The journal itself is another platform through which MmIT fulfils its mission, and in the very safe and reliable hands of Catherine Dhanjal, this is another aspect of MmIT which continues to grow, thrive and improve year on year.

In addition to these activities MmIT has also generated further interest through publicity via our Blog and social media channels and we have continued to support professional development through sponsoring conference places at the MmIT conference, the Cilip conference and the Internet Librarian Conference, and indeed by making our annual general meeting event free to attend to all Cilip members.

While it is wonderful to report back to the membership each year that we have continued to improve it does make it increasingly more challenging to sustain this, but our 2016 business plan does indeed have such aspirations:

As well as sustaining our excellent journal we are also planning our 2016 Annual Conference – ‘The role of libraries in supporting digital literacy’, which effectively is being tested out today at our AGM with our series of short talks. The conference planning is well under way and we feel it will have a wide cross sectoral appeal.

We also have plans to hold further collaborative events during the year with Cilip’s Information Literacy Group and the Publicity and Public Relations Group.

A further objective which demonstrates our commitment to high quality CPD is our commitment to developing resources and potential training for inclusion in Cilip’s PKSB.

We will look to future proof the group and the committee further in order to enable this growth in activity and we are very pleased to welcome new committee members to roles at this AGM, whilst continuing to invite interest from other pro-active MmIT members who might consider getting involved in committee activity during the course of the year.

My thanks as ever go to those committee members, new and old, who have continued to serve the group as your committee. I have worked in, and led many teams in the many jobs and roles that I have had over the years, and none have worked so well together and been so productive and resourceful as the current MmIT committee. I would like to thank in particular the core committee who have continued to serve the group so effectively and tirelessly: Andy Tattersall, John Bottomley, Catherine Dhanjal and Ruth Wilson; to thank two outgoing committee members Robert Cunningham and Jen Smith; to welcome our new committee members Dia Mexi Jones, Ruth Davis and Nic Kerr and to welcome back from a sabbatical Lizzie Sparrow. Thank you all for the work that you have done and continue to do for MmIT

Appointment to committee positions:

  • Honorary Chair – Leo Appleton
  • Honorary Secretary – Andy Tattersall
  • Honorary Treasurer – John Bottomley
  • Events Co-ordinator – Nic Kerr
  • Managing editor Multimedia, Technology and Information journal – Catherine Dhanjal
  • Assistant to the managing editor – Ruth Davis
  • Web officer – Lizzie Sparrow
  • Marketing and publicity officer – Dia Mexi Jones
  • Branch and groups representative – Ruth Wilson

MMIT seminar presentations – digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is a term often used to describe how people acquire and use their digital and online skills and experiences in order to further achieve and develop in their personal, professional and social roles. Similarly, the expression ‘digital literacy’ is now often used to describe the literacies and understanding of digital and online information, knowledge and communications platforms. Presentations from MMIT Group’s half day seminar now available online.

The presentations from MMIT Group’s half day seminar on digital citizenship on 7th January 2016 are now available on our SlideShare page, information on each of the talks is below and you can click on the talk title to go to the presentation on SlideShare:

Abstract: There are 12.6 million people in the UK without basic digital skills, who are missing out on opportunities to save money, connect with friends and family, learn more about their hobbies and much more. Not only that, but they’re also becoming excluded from accessing basic services – like being able to apply for jobs, find health information, or access other government services.

The Tinder Foundation are great believers in the huge benefits of the Internet and the social value of the Internet for someone with low digital skills. Through its network of community partners the Tinder Foundation has supported over 1.6 million people to improve their digital skills since 2010, and learners have gone on to realise a range of benefits, from ordering prescriptions online, applying for and securing jobs, and setting up their own businesses. Helen’s talk will cover much of this work and what part libraries can play in aiding it.

Abstract: In 2013, Edward Snowden exposed a range of revelations that have provided us with a welcome opportunity to re-evaluate our relationship with the Internet. Traditionally conceived as a place to seek information, the Internet has increasingly become a place where personal data is harvested by both government agencies and corporate entities. The revelations resulted in IFLA releasing a Statement on Privacy in the Library Environment that recommends that library and information services should respect and advance privacy both at the level of practice and as a principle. Previously, the digital divide has been seen in terms of access and general skills, but the Snowden revelations have revealed another aspect of the digital divide: the privacy divide. Ian’s talk seeks to understand the nature of this divide, who it affects, how the divide manifests itself and how it is being tackled.

Abstract: There are over two million students in higher education and the majority are actively engaged in digital technology from social media to mobile technologies. Whilst being adept at using these technologies little consideration is given to how they can be leveraged to shape a professional career after graduating. Whilst issues around ethics, privacy and security are rarely considered, they are increasingly relevant. Is it the duty of the academy to help students manage a better professional online persona, or do we risk teaching them to suck eggs?