MmIT at #CILIPconf16

Are you getting excited about the CILIP 2016 Conference? We are! All the fun kicks off tomorrow morning (or this evening if you’re attending one of the pre-conference events).

Two of our committee members will be at the conference this year – Nicola Kerr, our Events Officer, and myself, Lizzie Sparrow, MmIT Web Officer. If you see us around the conference please come and ask us any questions you may have about MmIT, or just come and say hello!

Nicola Kerr, MmIT Events Officer
Lizzie Sparrow, MmIT Web Officer

You will be able to find us, along with all the other special interest groups at the left hand end of the exhibition hall as you come from registration. Niamh O’Donovan, our bursary winner for the CILIP 2016 Conference, will also be joining us there.

Niamh O Donovan Headshot
Niamh O’Donovan, bursary winner


And in case you needed tempting, if you visit us in the exhibition hall you can enter our prize draw to win a copy of Altmetrics: A practical guide for librarians, researchers and academics, edited by our very own Andy Tattersall (MmIT Secretary).

Latest issue of MmIT journal now online

The August 2014 issue of our journal is now available to subscribers through the MmIT Journal Current Issues page on our CILIP website. You will need to log in to access this content.

MmIT Journal August 2014


Cover image: © Tale | – Concept For Inspiration

Contents include:

·        News: Outdoor digital bookshelf using QR codes

·        MMIT Group’s annual conference ‘Sight and Sound’ – keynote speakers

·        BFI News:

·        A Farewell to Arms

·        SciFi: The Changes

·        Reviews:

·        Product review: Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013

·        Book review: Web Metrics for Library and Information Professionals

·        Features:

·        Trends in elearning technologies worldwide

·        Elearning via videconference in schools

·        Elearning using online games

·        Museums: technology early adopters

·        Museums: digitisation

·        Creating digital stories in libraries

·        Managing data in higher education

·        Preview of Internet Librarian International conference 2014

·        TechRoundUp:

·        Kobo Arc 10 HD tablet

·        Bose QuietComfort headphones

·        BioLite CampStove

·        UP! Plus 2, a 3D printer

·        HaierPad tablets

Full programme announced for our annual conference


MmIT are delighted to announce that we will be holding our annual conference at the University of Sheffield Conference Centre on September 11th and 12th 2014 (Thursday & Friday).

Book your delegate place and see the discounted rates for MmIT Group members at our Eventbrite site.

The conference theme is ‘Sound and Vision in Librarianship: Going Beyond Words and Pictures’ and addresses the implications and practices of producing, managing and curating audio and video materials in the digital age.

Delegates will engage in a series of workshops and seminars on sound and vision themes and the conference will also showcase current research and innovations in these areas through lightning sessions and presentations from researching practitioners.

The full list of speakers and sessions for #mmit2014 has been announced – for more details please go here:


Full delegate £250 + VAT (£50)
MmIT full delegate £200 + VAT (£40)
Student £125 + VAT (£25)
Day rate £120 + VAT (£24)
MmIT Day rate £85 + VAT (£17)
B & B night £50 + VAT (£10)
Dinner £40 + VAT (£8)


The keynote speakers have been confirmed as:

  • Liz McGettigan, Director of Digital Library Experiences at SOLUS. The use of Augmented Reality to drive audience growth and innovative customer experience
  • Richard Ranft, British Library Sound Archive. BL’s role in working with sound and vision resource
  • Graham McElearney, Senior Learning Technologist for the University of Sheffield and lead for Sheffield’s iTunesU platform
University of Sheffield Conference Centre

The Edge, Encliffe Village 34 Endcliffe Crescent

S10 3ED Sheffield

United Kingdom

Contact Details

Leo Appleton

Booking Information

– See more on our CILIP page.

Connectivity and the 21st century

Our newest committee member, Robert Cunningham, has written a concise and informative report on Nick Woolley’s fascinating talk at the MmIT AGM event at CILIP in London on 17th December. Thank you to Nick for his lecture, and thank you to Robert for this report. Read Catherine Dhanjal’s report about Andy Tattersall’s talk here.


“Connectivity and the 21st century: the power of digital technology to connect knowledge and communities”

by Robert Cunningham

Nick Woolley, Head of Academic Library Services at Northumbria University, was the second of our guest speakers at the 2013 AGM.

The theme for Nick’s presentation was the importance of linking the physical library and its resources with digital technology.  Nick began his presentation by giving an overview of the use of technology at Northumbria University, including their new “Digital First Strategy”.  Although Nick is a strong proponent of digital technologies, he reminded delegates that physical library resources are resurgent: although e-readers have been on the market for half a decade already, they are yet to defeat print books in many people’s choice of reading material.

However, Nick argued that a library’s physical resources are not limited to traditional print books and journals. Instead, it is important to remember that the physical spaces in the library building are still in high demand as students increasingly want to collaborate with each other using mobile technologies.  As a consequence, Nick underlined the importance of connecting the physical and digital libraries by wowing delegates with real-life examples.  The AGM was especially impressed by Nick’s demonstration of NFC (Near Field Communication for those who aren’t sure) in which he tapped his smartphone against a university library book fitted with an RFID tag. To exclamations in the room, the book and smartphone communicated with each other in a conversation that could revolutionise library transactions.

Even more futuristic than NFC, Nick also discussed the possibilities provided by wearable technology (e.g. clothing and jewellery) as well as augmented reality.  He prophesied that the latter in particular is exciting for libraries as it could allow directional information to be overlaid into your field of vision when strolling around the library shelves.

Like the other guest speakers at December’s AGM, Nick’s underlying theme was – quite coincidentally – that technology should be used not for the sake of it, but instead to underpin and enhance sound pedagogy.  He said that the “digital divide” between physical and electronic information is becoming less apparent because the library is already digital and that technology should be used to connect the two.  By doing this, technology can become an enabler; giving new possibilities for the data libraries collect in demonstrating value and informing student progression and retention. However, technology should be servant not master: the important thing is to choose suitable technologies and exploit them to their fullest potential.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the MmIT Group, visit:

MmIT at Umbrella 2011

MmIT will be co-hosting six papers at CILIP’s Umbrella 2011. Details of the papers are below. Three representatives from MMIT Group will be at the conference: Andrew Cox, Jon Fletcher and Catherine Dhanjal, managing editor, MmIT journal. Jon Fletcher has also had a poster accepted for the conference, based on his article on mobile webpages vs apps which appears in the May issue of the journal.

Tuesday 12th
July, Day 1:
on the Move
(‘Digital inclusion and social change’ track, Session B, 14.15 – 15.30; BMLG/MmIT joint session)

IT in the country: library services to rural areas

Rural Networking: How good IT underpins partnership working and thus effective rural engagement.

Darren Smart, Essex County Council and John Davis,
Kirklees Libraries

Where does the library fit in a mobile application: This presentation
is a case study of a project at Liverpool John Moores University, where the
library was asked to lead on the development and implementation of its
institutional mobile application.

Mandy Phillips, Head of Business and Information
Systems, Liverpool John Moores University Library

Tuesday 12th
July, Day 1:
Store, Preserve and Retrieve – Leave it to the Librarians! (‘Technologies and access’ track, Session C, 16.00 – 17.15; CIG/UCR/MmIT joint session)

Open access and institutional repositories: the University of Glasgow experience:
This session examines the role of librarians in dealing with information and
metadata in Open repositories

Susan Ashworth, Assistant Director, Research and
Learning Support Services, University of Glasgow

storage for Newcastle University:
Newcastle University is
currently developing its offsite store which is situated five miles from the
main campus. Although the store is not scheduled to be completed until
June/July 2011, this presentation provides an update on progress, describe the planning process necessary for the Store, as well as highlight longer term
plans for 2012 to convert existing shelving space in the Main Library into
extra study space for library users.

David Errington, University of Newcastle

Research repositories: the role of library staff in their management: This presentation will look at the growth in open access research repositories in the UK, the skills and requirements for staff who manager these and the role of support services such as the Repositories Support Project.

Jacqueline Wickham, Nottingham University

Wednesday 13th
July, Day 2:
we know about internet information seeking
(‘Technologies and access’ track, Session D, 09.30 – 10.45; MmIT/ELG joint session)

Internet use by general public: an overview of how public search and
evaluation information on the internet based on a series of major AHRC

Professor Nigel Ford, The Information School,
University of Sheffield

Google Generation: understanding information – seeking behaviours in the digital environment:
Ian will outline the exciting developments
CIBER is engaged in, building on the “Google Generation” and “Virtual
Revolution” studies, in understanding how information seeking practices have
radically changed over the last two decades and what are the implications of

Ian Rowlands, Professor of Information Science, Dept of
Information Studies, UCL

Wednesday 13th
July, Day 2:
IT for the LIS professional (‘Workshops – tools and techniques’ track, Session E, 11.15 – 12.30; MmIT/LIRG joint session)

What knowledge and skills does a digital librarian need? Alan Poulter presents the work at Strathclyde
on integrating IT skills into the LIS curriculum and David Stuart makes the
case for librarians learning programming.

Stuart, Web Analyst and Alan Poulter – Course Director, MSc/PgDip Information
Management, Dept of Computer and Information Sciences, University of

Wednesday 13th
July, Day 2:
Mashed libraries (‘Workshops
– tools and techniques’ track, Session F,
14.15 – 15.30; MmIT/LIRG joint session)

Mashed Libraries – bringing together interested people and doing interesting stuff with libraries and technology: Have you heard about
Mashed Libraries? Want to find out more about what it is, what we do and how
you can get involved? Don’t be put off by the technology word, if you have
ideas about doing things better in your library come and be creative.

Mandy Phillips, Head of Business and Information
Systems, Liverpool John Moores University Library

Multimedia Information and Techology: journal news 15 July 2010

– Europeana selects new chair

– Cilip’s July council meeting

– iPads for academics

– NAG Conference 2010 Shaping the Future – Library Services in Changing Times

– The semantic web

– News from the National Archives

–        Europeana selects new chair

–        Cilip’s July council meeting

–        iPads for academics

–        NAG Conference 2010 Shaping the Future – Library Services in Changing Times

–        The semantic web     

–        News from the National Archives

1. Europeana selects new chair

Europeana Council of Content Providers and Aggregators, a cross-domain group which supports Creative & Cultural Industry organisations throughout the EU in sharing their digital collections via the Europeana portal, has selected Collections Trust CEO Nick Poole as Chair.

 Europeana is funded by the European Commission to bring together and make available the online collections of thousands of museums, archives, libraries, publishers and other content providers throughout the EU. The purpose of the Council is to identify and create new opportunities for partnership between Europeana and the Cultural and Creative Industries.

2. Cilip’s July council meeting

Blog on July’s Cilip council meeting

3. iPads for academics

Thoughts on iPads for academics at

from Alex Golub, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

4. NAG Conference 2010 Shaping the Future – Library Services in Changing Times

 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, September 8th and 9th

 Speakers include:

 *          Tony Durcan of Newcastle Libraries will give the keynote

 *          Malcolm Pendreigh will talk about the Legal Deposit Service in Edinburgh

 *          Liz McGettigan (Edinburgh Libraries) will cover managing change in libraries

  *         David Lindley will talk about promoting our services in changing time

  *         A posse of speakers will address standards update including ISO 285650 and RFP for RFID, E4libraries, RDA and Servicing Guidelines

  *         Caron Milloy and Ben Taplin will update on the National Observatory Project and the Digital Licensing Service

  *         Les Watson will speak about the Saltire Library


5. The semantic web     

Web content and the semantic web – video from OpenText

6. News from the National Archives

Churchill’s famous speech, given 70 years ago this summer, came during the Battle of Britain, one of the key conflicts of the Second World War. The battle saw British and German pilots warring in the skies over Britain for several months from July 1940.

You can find digitised combat reports from the Air Ministry on DocumentsOnline, NA’s digitised record collection. These fascinating narratives tell the story of the Battle of Britain, describing aerial encounters through the pilots’ own words.

Search the air combat reports.