MmIT journal November issue now available

The November issue of the Group journal is now available online.

To log in with your normal Cilip website user name and password, visit: If you need a reminder of your Cilip password/user name, contact Cilip or

This issue covers news, book and product reviews, tech-round up plus features.

Our special feature focus on ‘open’ includes articles on open source library management systems; open source referencing tool Mendeley; open access institutional repositories; and open linked data for archives and libraries.

Other features cover image processing; confusing council websites; report from Umbrella 2011 conference; a new code for cloud computing; and a preview of EDGE2012 conference in Edinburgh (plus discount code and the chance to win a free place!).
For an upcoming issue we are planning a retrospective/futuristic theme, looking at how technology developments in libraries, education and the arts have evolved over the last decades. If you feel inspired to write an article for us on this theme, please contact the editor,


KohaCon 2010 now underway

KohaCon10,  marking the 10th anniversary of the Koha Library Management System, kicked off today in Wellington (give or take a pretty big time difference). There will be 3 days of conference followed by a three-day developer hackfest. They’ve also planned a trip to Levin in the Horowhenua, birthplace of Koha.  All in all, it runs from 25 October to 1 November.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be in New Zealand for the conference, you can keep up with it via the live channel – #KohaCon10. Nicole Engard has already blogged some of the presentations.

Coinciding with this nicely is the release of Koha 3.2.0, the latest major release of the Koha software. You can read all about the latest features and enhancements on the announcement page.

Twapper Keeper now open source

Great news. Twapper Keeper, the Twitter archiving platform, has gone open source. A version that can be installed on your own server is now available via their Google Project page. A hosted version is also available.

As well as being free and open source, you can also access Twapper Kepper APIs and export data in a variety of formats.You can find out more at both the blog and community site. There’s also a demo to play with. It would be great to see how this works with a Twitter analysis tool like ThinkUp (formerly ThinkTank).

Twapper Keeper was created by John O’Brien and is supported by JISC. The name is kindly explained on the blog too.

Microsoft and FOSS: The new OSS Watch report

OSS Watch have published an exhaustive look at Microsoft’s forays into open source. Microsoft: an end to open hostilities explores Microsoft’s sponsorship of the Apache Software Foundation, the establishment of The Codeplex Foundation and other Microsoft toes dipped into open source waters. Does this signal a new approach or is it just part of business as usual?

The article is very though-provoking for anyone interested in the impact of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) developments on big business. It also brought to mind Brian Kelly‘s presentation at Internet Librarian International 2009 where he described Microsoft’s venture into open standards; the Office Open XML file format. All 6,000 pages of it.